Hardwood Flooring

Wood FloorsOak floors were used in the vast majority of homes built during the boom years of the 50’s because of their durability, insulation properties and life cycle costs. It’s during these years, we remember the family down on their hands and knees cleaning, waxing and polishing the hardwood floors. We thought then, as some do now, that hardwood floors were a problem - they were difficult to refinish and maintain.

Today, better protection is offered by environmentally conscious waterborne urethane (no wax) finishes. This provides minimal maintenance. Also there are now many new styles, patterns and species of floors available to match your individual tastes and needs. Hardwood floors are, again, the preferred choice for the character, warmth, durability and versatility they bring to any style home.


What We Can Do For You

Unfinished wood flooring is the most common type of flooring installed today. It is nailed or glued to a properly prepared sub floor. Different grades, species, widths and styles of unfinished wood offer endless array of possibilities. The floor is sanded and finished to your specifications.

Pre-finished wood flooring is offered in many species, styles and colors. This type of flooring has been sanded, stained and finished at the factory, and is appropriate when a specific color and style matches your needs. It is also nailed or glued to a properly prepared sub floor. Since there is no job site sanding and finishing, this type of wood floor is ready to use the next day.

Every floor installed by Professional Flooring, is our floor. We are committed to provide superior workmanship and the best materials available.

Tips for cleaning and maintaining your beautiful new wood floors.

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